Tips & Tricks

1. Try to mine for diamonds

When you reach Level 24, you will gain access to mines. Now you can use explosives or dig on these mines to obtain minerals. These minerals are used to create metal bars which are used for producing jewelry. Sometimes, this activity will provide you with diamonds. Make sure that you mine frequently.

2. Finish the entire task that is set in the farmhouse

The major aim of this game is to perform all the activities present on the farm. So, when you click on the farmhouse, you will see the details of the task which are pre-set.

When you finish a task, it becomes an achievement and this achievement will give you diamonds. You will get a set of diamonds at each level for the achievements you do until it gets exhausted. Keep in mind that if you are playing without making any payment, then the store of your explosives and shovels will get depleted. So, don’t sell them at all as you might need them for your own usage.

3. Try the Wheel of Fortune

Sometimes while spinning the Wheel of Fortune, you might land on a diamond.

First, you need to check out for a pink movie ticket. Click it and you will be directed to an ad of a movie or similar game or sometimes to a short movie.

Just watch the video and close the box by clicking on the X indicator. Immediately, you will get a reward and this will contain diamonds and experience points.

4. Be patient and wait for getting gifts

Sometimes during special occasions, you might get few diamonds as gifts. Now this will happen during the internal event or seasonal events. Normally, the amount of diamond you get will be somewhere about one to six. All you need to do is check the gift box which lies near the farmhouse.

5. Go for Social Media Sharing

If you follow Hay Day on Facebook you might get a diamond. Yes! And most importantly, if you log into Hay Day with your Facebook account, you will get five diamonds.

You need to click on the prize boxes which are nothing but red metal work boxes. Now when you click on them which is present either in your own farm or other’s farm, then you might get a diamond or more.

Get diamonds the easy way!

You might find it tough to get Diamonds in Hay Day if you aren’t planning to use real cash. Don’t worry it is not necessary that you need to use real cash of payments. If you are patient, you can easily amass a certain amount of diamonds which can be used to spend on things that are really necessary and important like improving your farm’s machine capacity so that it can produce the required goods, making sure that you are on target with what the stores want.