Gold making guide

1. Keep Playing All The Time

Now it is important that you continue playing all the time. The more you play, the more chance you get to earn money. It is important that you keep the wheels of production running, continue harvesting and growing crops.

No doubt, one of the best but the tedious work to earn some gold coins without selling anything is to grow crops. Keep in mind that growing any crop is fine, however, some of them might be quite valuable in comparison to others. The best crop is one which is easy to harvest and is grown as soon as it is ready.

2. Avoid spending or using real cash

If you really want to spend on certain items, just spend on diamonds which come for sale.

Instead of spending $2 on Hay Day, you can use the diamonds to purchase a lot of gold and even more than few thousand ones.

3. Keep in mind to avoid or reduce the leveling

Just don’t be in any hurry to level up. Now the sooner you start to level up, the more crazy feeling you will have to purchase new items.

4. Keep away from decoration expenses

It is true that having beautiful flowers and fences are great and cute, but they have no use. It is a waste of money and instead, you can utilize the extra cash or fund to get some gold.

5. Make your animals happy

Always make sure that your animals are well fed and happy. Continue to collect and purchase animals when they are ready and fat.

Various animal products like bacon and milk are quite valuable and they will be easily sold in your store. It will be a bit slower with eggs, but you can earn some good amount of gold coins with animal and dairy products.

6. Auction upgraded materials which are in excess

Sometimes you might need 10 major items to upgrade your farm and all you will be having is 7 planks and 20 bolts. In such case, you can try for trading with what you might need for balancing or try to sell the excess one. Simply keep in mind that you don’t need to keep excess items in storage.

Do you know how much interesting and advantageous it is to take the services of Tom? No doubt, it is quite useful to use Tom to make money. He might cost you a diamond, but it is every diamond worth. With Tom, you can check out the most important and valuable items present in each level, select the best number of items and even you can resell them from your shop for maximum price.

Add gold coins the easy way!

In Hay Day, it is difficult to make enough gold, and this is quite common if you are somewhere between level 20 and 50. Frankly, you might find that it is quite impossible to earn enough gold which can be used to purchase new lands, animals, and buildings as and when they become available.